How to see the value of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in real time

We're going to explain how to see the value of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in real time, so that if you're going to buy or sell yours you can look at the evolution of its price to make an informed decision. The fact is that these coins have been varying in value for months, with sharp declines and strong rises.

The article will start with the basics, how to use Google to obtain the value of the main cryptom currencies in real time. Then we will go a little further, and we will propose a small list with seven websites where you can see all the information related to cryptomonies and the evolution of their value.

The easiest way: use Google

The first method of all is to use the Google search engine, since it has long implemented a module in which you are shown the results in real time. To do this, the first thing is to enter, and once in the search engine write a term as Bitcoin Value.

When you carry out the search, the Google module will appear with the information about the value of the chosen crypt-currency. In this module, you will see the equivalent value in euros of a Bitcoin unit or the chosen crypt currency. You will also see a graph with the history of the value over a month, although you have tabs to see the history of one day, five days, one year, five years, or all the time collected by Google.

This Google module is also available for many other crypto currencies. All you have to do is perform the same search, but enter the name of the currency whose value you want to analyze.

You can also use third party websites

Here is a list of other specialized pages where you can also find out the value of your cryptomonies in different ways, and which sometimes offer advanced options that go beyond those of Google. Because in the end the search engine is fine for occasional searches, but it falls short for continuous monitoring.

  1. Coinbase: Coinbase is one of the reference sites when it comes to buying crypto currencies, and it also has its own monitoring system. You will have to register to get all the options and save your favorite cryptomonies, but without logging in you can see a small summary of the status of the main ones and their value in euros. Their website is
  2. Cryptomaps: If you are looking for a more visual way to see the value of the cryptomaps, this web is possibly your best resource. It shows you an interactive map with the total value of the cryptomap market, arranging the different cryptomaps in boxes of different sizes according to their value, and forming a puzzle with them that occupies the whole screen. If you click on a crypto-currency, you can obtain detailed information. Their web is
  3. Bitstamp: Another of the main pages where you can buy Bitcoins and other cryptomonies, exchanging dollars and euros for them. As Coinbase, you need to have an account to get the detailed information, but already in its index you can see the status of the most important cryptomaps. Their website is
  4. Coindex: And if you don't want to need to register to have a complete index in which to see all the values of tens of cryptomonies, this page shows you that of a large number of them at a glance. You can see the current price they have, their change in value in the last 24 hours and a small graph with the evolution of the value. Their website is
  5. Investing: It is a little more complex than the previous ones. Yes, it gives you the value of the main crypto currencies in real time, but only in one module within a web full of content, although you can click on Main crypto currencies to see the complete list of values. But the website itself is oriented to investment in general, and it also shows many related news and the main stocks. Their website is
  6. Blockfolio: This is an index that has applications for Android and iOS, as well as Slack integration. It allows you to buy crypto-currencies and set up an index showing the updated value of the ones you are most interested in. Their website is
  7. aWebAnalysis: A web that can be confusing, because it has a lot of options and advanced tools related to cryptomonies. But it also has a very complete index with the value of tens of them, with a percentage of price variation of the last hour, the last day and the last week, and it offers tools to obtain all the information you may need. Its web is

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